Meet pastor that fought with God and won

Harare – A local controversial prophet from Zimbabwe has made sensational claims that he fought and defeated God in a heaven sanctioned wrestling match.
Prophet T Madungwe’s flyer stating the absurd claims has since gone viral on social media, attracting thousands of shares.
Speaking to a local reporter, the prophet said he was going around heaven checking the territorial integrity of the ‘country’ when he bumped into God.
“As the army commander of the heavenly battalion i was inspecting the territory to make sure there are no intruders. Then i saw God, and asked him to bless me, the same way he did with Jacob”
“He refused and tried to run away. So i chased him and we began to wrestle”
The prophet claims that God attempted to do a ‘suplex’ on him – a popular maneuver which involves throwing one’s opponent over one’s own body so that they land on their back.
“I ducked the suplex, and then lifted him up and delivered a Batista Bomb”
“I lay on top of him and one of the angles counted to three.”
“God regained his consciousness much later. He apologized then blessed me”
“God then prayed for me for over 30 minutes”
It is not clear who God was praying to.
The prophet invited those who doubt him to come to his church on Sunday, where he will play a video recording of the match.
*pastors and their wonders...that's why they say wonders shall never end*

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