August 26, 2017


AUTHOR: Temmiebliss

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She is indeed a beautiful girl.
I am a student of the department of architectural technology in one of the federal polytechnics. My love for Muslim ladies had no bound, this I cant explain. It made me love this lady in question more.
I had a special nick from my classmates during my ND days, the name catapulted all through to my HND days, it made me kinda popular…… I was and still a gentle guy who was loved by people around, married, single, student, what have you. Most of my ex plead to get back, guess that shows how cool I was …. I am still cool though. I am handsome too, I forgot to tell you that. You would say YES to me eventually if I should…………, you know what I am saying?
Things were going very fine between myself and my lady before the arrival of this new Muslim girl in my hostel. My girl was not a student in my school but we were like we were together, the love was strong but a stronger love fell on me.
I was staying off-campus, my landlady resides in the same building with the student/tenant, my hostel was not fenced but secure. I leave my door open at times and go for lectures, with the kind of property an architectural student should have, my drawing table, tee-square, set-square, set of pen, you know how expensive those little things are? Only an architectural student will understand my point. I had a laptop, sound system and a generator, the I better pass my neighbor type, all in my single room with my utensils and every other thing a student should have, including my bed which I don’t sleep on most times due to my course of study.


I returned from a 8:00am lecture on a Thursday to notice the presence of two prtty ladies sitting in front of my hostel…. We greeted each other, the hi – hi thing. I got to know they just got admitted into my school and they would be staying with my landlady for some days because of their hostel ish. Guess a parent to one of them knew my landlady.
I was actually happy, pretty ladies…
I exchange greetings with one very well but the other was opposite, guess we dint like each other, do we? But shes got most of my friends attention which they most time ask me for her digits.
These ladies travelled back home after some days and still, people still ask after the one that doesn’t greet from me, ish…I was left with no choice than to request her digits from my landlady’s first child after which I turned her number to a souvenir.
They returned from home, yet, we dint exchange words unless we had eyelock.
Lo and behold, they got their apartment the street after mine, this made our hostels adjacent to each other. They left for their hostel in no day and I decided to go pay them a visit …. The big guy thing… left with no choice than to talk to both of ‘em. I was welcomed warmly, hers was the warmest, guess you know the one in question? I got pretty attracted to her after the days visit … the big thing … the transformation came and we talked like best of friends, she got me captivated with the soft smile. I solemnly digest my thoughts of kissing the up-front gap teeth in her mouth exposed by her smiles.

NB- This story remains the property of NAIJAOCTOPUS © Temmiebliss production.
Your comment will signify you need more story from us. Kindly drop a comments in line with the story below after reading.



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