TITLE:- SHE USED ME (part 2)
AUTHOR:- Temmiebliss


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I actually do have my classmates around me,to draw and do some things together. Tunde was one of them, he stays very close to me, this made us had more time together
Tunde noticed the change in me as I insert this girls name in virtually all my conversations with him and he was like … bobo, you have to tell her how you feel for her … I picked up my phone and made the call through to her

Me: hello, what’s up?
She: hello, I am fine
Me: where are you? Are you home?
She: yes I am
Me: can I come over? I need to discuss something with you.
She: ok. No problem
Me: oiiii, see you soon, bye.

Tunde was like let’s finish up quickly…
We finally got there that night, she was alone, she dashed us a nice hospitality. Just after we survived the storm of the food, tunde called her in and told her our motive. He talked the little he could and went outside, leaving me with my wahala. I had to do it my own little way, I won’t tell u how I did it…. I told her the truth though, about how I channeled her digits.

HINT: always tell a girl the truth and try as much to be straight forward if you want to win their heart, they tend to like this.

I had to plead for that love for some days, she said Yes eventually.
I loved her, I mean , Truly ….


The love thing started, I was playing my part very well in my own little way. Everything was fine, I was actually scared of people reporting me to her anytime I wrong them, I respected her, I guess she never knew this till date, I shared all I had with her…
Time, money, care, love……name it.
She was indeed a blessing to me, I was happy with her kind of being.


I could remember using the little cash I had to fuel the generator so that she could come over to my place with her friends to read till day break while I go hungry over the day and night.
I remember checking on their hostel to know if their room id not stuffy anytime they travel home.
I could remember she travelled to another institution to meet her friend and I had to go meet her there just because I was missing her pretty much.
I gave her my android while I used the small phone …. Hmmmmm …
I was actually loved by her friends, this made me more comfortable with her.
Everything about her changed suddenly, she fell for another guy some days to her birthday. Everything between us ended but I still had my part done on her birthday.

She made me look like a fool…
I loved her quite well…
She should have told me her YES has changed to NO….
I was hurt…I just had to let go….
Was I a fool?

I forgot to tell you her name… her name is TEMITOPE


This story remains the property of NAIJAOCTOPUS © Temmiebliss production.
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