Man Dies After Pole Falls On Him While Attempting To Steal Electric Cables. PICS

A thief met his tragic end while trying to cut and steal electric cables from a pole at Aro Ngwa, along Enugu-Port-Harcourt expressway. The man who is said to be from Amavor, Umuokorocha in Aro-Ngwa, Abia State - met his death after the electric pole fell on him and trapped him to death.

Facebook user Chinwendu Uruakpa who shared the news wrote;

'Everyday is for the thief...!' And they replied: 'one day is for the electric pole.' The deceased (pictured) went to cut electric cables on an electric pole installed by Goemetrics opposite the old Streams filling station at Aro Ngwa, along Enugu - Port Harcourt express way. The pole fell with him and trapped him to death. Where could he have come from?

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