Man Screams As He's Sexually Assaulted By Ladies Who Held Him Down

A video currently trending online shoes a man being held down by ladies in public event and sexually harassed as some of them forced their butts on his face.The young man became hysterical when a woman brought her backside close to his face while twerking and the smell from her vagina wafted into his nostrils. His hilarious reaction was caught on video as well.

The hilarious yet disheartening video was shot in New York as revellers were partying on Monday's labour day festival.

The guy did everything he could to resist the action but he was powerless as hebis locked down and as if that wasn't enough, it appears the one of the lady's private part was oozing terrible smell as the guy panicked more, covered his nose with a finger and continued harder to be carried up.

"Get me up," he's heard telling the people around in distress.

The oblivious woman continued twerking and pushing her bum into his face, and when no one made a move to help him get up, he twists his head from one side to the other to avoid the smell

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