TECNO Spark Full Review, Specifications And Price

It came as a surprise to everyone when barely a month after the silent launching of a W series (WX) into the Nigerian market, Tecno hit the market again with a Bang! This time, with an entirely new series called the Tecno Spark Series. It comes in two variances, Spark and Spark Plus. The two series they said are targeted towards the youths and social media enthusiasts. It came not as a surprise when Tecno Mobile decided to throw an all-night party launch at the Muri Okunola park in Lagos inviting various university students instead of the regular indoor launch to unveil the device.

It runs on a stock ROM. Although it is partly customized with the Tecno's HiOS, its major functionalities are still on the stock ROM. The only places you find the HiOS customization is on the Start screen, Home Screen and Menu UI. The Camera, swipe down menu, settings all carry the Stock ROM interface.

This is one of the strengths of the device. It has an iPhone like design that looks and feels sleek. Tecno got a plus on that. It’s an amazing design. With or without the transparent rubber half-casing, it’s a device that would catch the eye of any one that sees it. One cool thing I would like you to try; at night, with the rubber casing on, put on the flashlight and place the device (face up) on a surface. The flashlight scatters round the casing and creates a beautiful view.

The camera of the Tecno Spark series is a little bit above average. It comes with a 13mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera with Screen Flash. Both the front and back camera comes with a soft led flashlight for amazing photographs as night. The camera is not too wow compared to the Camon CX but it does a pretty good job.

It should be noted that the Tecno Spark Series is not a gaming device, yet it performs above average in the aspect of gaming performance. Games like Zombie Highway 2, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Asphalt 8, Turbo Car Traffic 3D, Hill Climb 2 (All these games were tested on it) and it didn’t lag. However, games like D-Day with heavy graphics couldn’t load.

The T-point is a shortcut link that has all your favourite apps, all in one place... A floating bar! All you need to do to activate it is simple. You launch the app and enable it. Then select the apps you want to be on it (Max of cool. That's all! So any time you need to quickly switch to another app, just click on the floating bar and switch! A long press on the floating bar would activate your flashlight. You can also change the floating bar colour to any colour of your choice. Also, the T-point could also be useful when you have a bad or faulty touch pad as there is a "Back" and "Recent" button present on it.

The new innovation called the Transfer app present on the Tecno Spark is astounding. Like we all know, changing to a device could be a pain in the neck especially when you have to move your files and documents to the new device. Even if you succeed in moving your files, important information stored in the text messages and call logs are lost in the process. People lose very important information like passwords, OTP codes and love messages in the process. With this app, you don't need to stress yourself. Just mark and send.
It helps you transfer call logs, text messages, wallpapers etc. Your new device would feel like the old device clone. It works using a barcode system where the new device scans the old devices’ barcode on the app. The only problem you could have experienced (not having the app on the old device) has been solved by providing an option to send the app to the old phone.

Another exciting thing to look out for on the Tecno Spark is the e-manual. While unboxing the Tecno Spark, you would notice that there was no manual in the box. This is because Tecno decided to inculcate the manual inside the device by making it an app.
The idea of an e-manual might not sound too wow to you until you open it... Everything is so clear and makes you want to read it. Also, environmental conservationists have been clamouring for this for a while now, so am sure this would bring a smile to their faces. You would be amazed at the amount of trees felled yearly to produce manual some people never read. This is a real plus for Tecno Mobile and I hope they continue in this trend.

One of the most annoying thing problem you can face is recharging your device using the recharge card. You might not see it as a big deal until you have to do your monthly data subscription and you get to the vendor and he tells you he only has lower denominations and you have to keep loading the recharge card one after the other.
Well, Tecno practically solved the problem by including a new app on the Spark series called Recharge King. All you need to is scan and click send. The interface allows you to select the network you want to recharge based on the sim present in your device. There is even an added functionality where you can put on the phone’s touch in case you want to use the app in the night.

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