3 Myths On Pimples You Believe But Are Not True

Pimples are just nasty. It’s a fact that we all have to live with at one point or the other in our life though some more than others, others much longer than most.

Nah scratch that — It’s a really annoying fact of life, which is why is difficult to blame people for accepting whatever their friends has told them, which actually came from their own friends.

But accepting those myths may even worsen the problem than solve it. On your behalf, we interviewed a few dermatologists to shed more light on the matter.

1. If you eat nuts will, you will surely get pimples. Dermatologists have agreed that eating oily foods and chocolates don’t cause acne.

Dr. Red Recio, MD Dermatologist and Founder of Rederm Medical Center, says,

“Diet has long been a controversial subject in acne research. There is a popular notion that greasy foods somehow contribute to oily or acne-prone skin. There is no conclusive evidence for other food items such as chocolate or saturated fats.”

That is all is just heresay, no evidence prove it.

2. You have pimples because your face is dirty. Having pimples also doesn’t mean that your face is dirtier than your other smooth-skinned friends.

Dr. Recio explains, “Skin cell turnover is a natural process that pushes oil and debris out of your pores, keeping them clean. When that doesn't happen fast enough, your pores collect oil, skin debris, and protein. Dirt doesn’t take part in the process.”

So before you go on hyperdrive and start washing your face more than the doctor advised two times daily, take note that it does not help treat or clean up acne.

Dr. Talens says, “Washing the face more often than twice a day strips the skin of essential lipids. This only makes the surface dry, but does not do anything to reduce oil gland activity. In fact, it can even worsen acne by causing further irritation or inflammation.” Now that's settled.

3. Dabbing toothpaste on your pimples can clear it. Oscar S.D. Grino, Jr. MD, Dermatologist at Derm & Beyond Skin and Aesthetic Center, says it may seem like it’s working, but it’s still a no.

“Sometimes it can dry pimples out because of some ingredients in it, such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and triclosan, but it’s not made for your skin, so it can cause skin irritation and rashes.” — LA, GMA News.

Now you've heard it, correct your friends next time.

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