Ayodeji Salimon Appointed As MAPOLY Rector By Amosun

Ogun State Government has appointed Ayodeji Salimon as Acting Rector of Moshod Abiola Polytechnic.

The appointment according to the government becomes effective immediately following the leave of the former Rector, Professor Oludele Itiola.
Acording to information available to Press Club MAPOLY, Itiola as proceeded on terminal leave.

The change of leadership of the institution may not be unconnected with the crisis going on in the school following the transition of the Polytechnic to a university of Science and technology.
details later…

Source : https://mapolypress.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/breaking-amosun-appoints-ayodeji-salimon-as-new-mapoly-rector/

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