Lagos Catholic Priest Sleeps With Lady Raped & Impregnated By Her Stepbrother

A woman identified as Grace Nkanueko, who was allegedly being used by a Catholic priest who slept with her under his roof in Lagos has given birth. According to Hammid Bakare, a broadcast journalist, the woman was allegedly raped by her step brother who impregnated her before she was brought to Lagos by the Catholic priest.

The priest allegedly continued to sleep with the lady despite her condition and asked her to give out her child for a price after her delivery.

Read the full gist below as shared by the journalist who has now picked interest in the case.

Back to the case I talked about yesterday the one involving Abuse ,Rape and possibly child trafficking. I have written to the commissioner of police and I have been to the social welfare department where the illicit act is perpetrated further. Here's the gist.

A case was brought to my attention. there is this lady (aged BTW 19 and 21) that was a patient, from stories told, her step brother impregnated her (she was raped) and she was sent out of the village. A catholic evangelist brought her to Lagos and was having his way with her while she was still pregnant under his roof. She delivered through cs on Tue last week.

The Church priest and some other people are trying to convince this young lady to give out her child for a price. She is really shattered because of all she has gone through. I believe that she should be assisted and not been deceived
to give out her child.

I am taking it upon myself to investigate this matter and help this young lady. From her story, her step mum and even the village has sent her away, which means she is basically on her own.

Please I need your assistance please hide my id I am available to answer questions.

I am currently waiting for the welfare officer now with a view to ensure the young and take her child aren't separated. The name of the hospital is MOTHER MARY CATHOLIC HOSPITAL on KAMORU ADEYEMI and OLUDEGUN STREETS, ire-akari estate Isolo. She is in the female ward. Her name is GRACE Nkanueko. The culprits are (Mr Jekpon-oghene Dukuye evangelist the doctors are Dr Chidinma Ejiofor and Dr Jane)

I have alerted the lagos state authority on Abuse and child rape.Presently the hospital officials are trying to take the girl and her child to an unknown destination.

I will also see to it that the culprits ( Evangelist Dukuye and Dr. Chidinma Ejiofor, and Dr . Jane gets apprehended.

Meanwhile, anyone out there who can help the mother and child with toiletries and stuffs to help her nurture her child would be appreciated.
Kind Regards

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