Why Buhari Will Still Win 2019 Presidency - Axelrod

Before you proceed, kindly know that this is my personal opinion which I am entitled to, just like you are entitled to yours!

It is no longer news that Nigerians are undergoing much more suffering in the President Muhammadu Buhari's administration than has ever been experienced in the 18years of absolute democracy in the country.

This suffering and hardship has been defined differently, according to each person's political views and affiliations. President Buhari's supporters have not wasted any chance to shout to high havens that the suffering and hardship is as a result of the rot left behind by the defeated, now opposition Peoples Democratic Party, particularly, the immediate past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan has been fingered the most.

Whereas, others see it differently, as they believe the hardship is as a result of the ruling party's inability and inexperience to manage the country. Those in this school, point to many factors to proof their points. Some of which are:

1. Nigerian Naira was around 197 to one USDolloar, $1 = N197, at the tthe the current administration took over powers, but now, the difference is almost double of what it used to be.

2. PMS pump price was at N97, despite the fact that crude oil sold for $100/per barrel then. Now it is at N145 even though crude oil is selling at $54/barrel.

3. The Nigerian Economy was one of the best in Africa, yet after the new administration came on board, the economy plunged into recession.

4. As a result of the recession, food stuffs skyrocketed, thus, the hardship in question.

5. Etc

Be it as it may, Nigerians, particularly those from the Southern part of the country have accused the current President of sectional leadership style. Some believe the President favours citizens from the North more than he does those from the South.

This accusations have formed the basis for which many people who feel unduly treated, together with those not feeling the impact of this government, should I say, those feeling the impact negatively, have vowed to vote President Buhari and APC out of power, come 2019.

The truth of the matter; it is easier for this poster to be President by 2019 than for the South to vote out President Buhari, should he decide to contest.
Hold on, I know you don't share my position and want to attack me now. But can you set emotions aside so we face reality?

-Now, President Muhammadu Buhari is highly revered in the North. Most Northerners, particularly, the Muslims who hold the majority in terms of population see him as their Messiah and will vote for his obituary poster(pun intended here). In that case, Buhari on a wheel chair will still win in the entire.

- In the South, he has allies who will rather die than not support him, even if he were on a sick bed. These persons include; Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, Rotimi Amaechi, Babatunde Fashola, Ibikunle Amosun, Chris Ngige, Fayemi Kayode, et al.

With those people, Buhari will get the needed votes from the South (he may not necessarily win the South).
If you check, I did not mention Tinubu nor Obasanjo. That was on purpose. Because, in some quarters, people believe that Tinubu has fallen out of favours from the President and as such ''may'' not support him by 2019.

So you see! It is almost impossible to vote out Buhari and he, just like his supporters, like Sarrki, Cleverly, Hungerbad, Omenka, Mynd44(no ban me o, I get right to talk o) and others know this. Hence, they keep shouting, Buhari till 2023.

Let the bashing begin!

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