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Fulani Herdsmen Attack Adamawa Communities Kill Some, Injure Others (Graphic Pic

'Herdsmen's attack in Dashen-Dirdeu, Jada/Ganye LGAs yesterday was so alarming and abominably criminal. This is one of the menaces of our society today which if not tackled, could manifest in an uglier way in which no one will calculate the consequences.

  Therefore, we need to be vigilant and security conscious. Report suspecting people or movements to the authorities'.

West Brom Appoint Alan Pardew As New Manager

The former West Ham, Newcastle and Crystal Palace boss has agreed a two-and-a-half-year contract at the club, languishing just two points above the relegation zone.

“I’m thrilled with the opportunity Albion have provided and looking forward to getting to work with what I consider to be a talented group of players,” he said.

Physically Challenged Lady Kills Her Baby In Delta After Giving Birth (Photos)

A physically challenged lady, simply identified as Eloho young girl simply identified as Elohoh killed her new born baby shortly after she delivered the boy in Ughelli North, Delta state.
Read the sad story shared by Facebook user, Simon Ivan Ohwo;

“Physical challenged mother kills child after delivery.Wonders they say will never end, some of these wonders happens beyond human imagination, just like in this case of homicide.

A well calculated plans been executed by One Miss Elohoh who is within her late 20s and resides with her mother and siblings at No 1 omohwovo street, Iwhrekpokpo in ughelli North.
Miss Elohoh who is a physically challenged and also a plantain chips seller, murdered her child after delivery today 27th Nov 2017 in her home.

Report has it that she put to bed a handsome boy late in the evening of yesterday in her house without aid or assistance from neighbor’s or midwife. But the cry of the baby attracted the attention of one of the neighbor’s, who call on others on the suppose good news.
On arrival they saw that the door was locked and Miss Elohoh refuse to open the door but on persistent one of the siblings opened.

The kind hearted neighbor’s did a marathon in getting some of the needed materials likes cloths and food for the baby and mother since she didn’t buy any.

“Jubilation was agog celebrating the arrival of the bouncing baby boy most especially from a physical challenged person not knowing that miss Elohoh has evil intentions for the child.”

“After the celebration everyone went home leaving Elohoh and one of the siblings since the mom was not around that day hoping to check on her in the morning.”

“As faithful as the neighbors they came in the morning to see how Elohoh and her baby was doing only to find out that there was no baby anywhere. They asked Elohoh about the child where she claim that the father came late in the night and took the baby away having noticed that the child was not breathing well as claimed by her.”
“The neighbor’s could not believe the story Elohoh gave and decided to interrogate her, she held on to the same story but one of them suggested that the sibling will give a better story of what actually happened to the child.”

“And now this is the story as told by him. He said late in the night when everyone was gone, Elohor boiled warm water and forced it on the child to kill him but the child could not take much which ended up burning the entire mouth of the day old child as If that was not enough when the child defied death, she took a rag and tired it around the child nose and mouth which suffocated the child to death. When she noticed that the child was dead she took the corpses and put him on the sack loaded the sack with refuse and plantain pills then gave it to an insane man to throw off early in the morning as refuse.”
“On hearing this, the whole neighborhood was filled with sadness of this evil act done by this woman. Searched was made to all the refuse dump around and finally the corpse of the child was seen with scares and bruises as confessed by the siblings confirming what he has told them.”

“As when this report was filled this evil woman has been handed over to security agents at B division of the police force for further investigation and actions also the father of the child is still unknown as she refuse to confess who impregnated her, and also neither the mother or father has shown up. Again wonders will never end….. Only God will help us”

Why We Have Not Paid The Ikoyi Whistle-blower - Lai Mohammed

ABUJA – The Federal Government says it has not been able to pay the statutory 5% to the Ikoyi whistle blower due to controversy surrounding the claim.

The minister of Information and Culture, Alh. Lai Mohammed made this known on Tuesday during his visit to Leadership Newspaper.
He said the issue is a bit complicated because two persons are currently laying claims to the amount and since the identity of the real owner cannot be disclosed, it behooves on the government to follow due process in arriving at the true owner of the money.

‘‘It is a bit complicated because more than one person is claiming the money and we do not want to disclose the identity of the Whistle blower.
‘‘We have a very unique situation in our hand at the moment; it is so complex and complicated. One said we should not pay the other and the other one has gone to court.
‘Now we have the authentic whistle blower and fake whistle blower, we hope to find out the real person. Ordinarily, a whistle blower should be anonymous. However, we are working very closely to ensure that such thing never happens again.’’


On IPOB, he said he was certain the matter would be resolved at the end of the day, giving that the country has a leader who is capable of tackling the challenge.
‘‘There was propaganda around IPOB. I was very certain then that the unity of this country is not in doubt. We have seen governments in this country, had leaders who have gone through wars and know what the implications are. We have at the helm of affairs, a leadership that is capable of tackling the challenge.
‘‘Though, there was a lot of propaganda, but I knew that at the end of the day, the matter would be resolved.’’


On housing, the minister said the administration had spent N70 billion on land acquisition and construction of housing estates across the country in the last two years. This he said is far more than N1.8 billion spent by the last administration in five years.

Recovered loots

Speaking on how much recovered from looters, the Minister said the Administration had recovered about N8 billion, $53 million from Whistle blowers and in addition recovered 54 houses and N78 billion from an individual.
On the visit, he said the visit was to thank the leadership of newspaper for its support and to seek more support in the three cardinal objectives of the government: Fighting corruption, insecurity and revamping the economy.

Free Press

On Free Press, he said the Administration would do everything to ensure that the press operates without any form of intimidation from government. He also promised to assist the media industry with some funding as soon as the economy improves.
‘‘Today, we are back. This time, it is to say thank you for all your support. Let me put it on record: Leadership newspaper has been very professional in its reporting of this Administration. You have supported us and you have criticized us, and each time you have been guided by the ethics of your profession – fairness, accuracy, impartiality, truthfulness, and objectivity.
‘‘We have not always agreed with your editorial stance on issues. For example, when we first raised the alarm on the dangers of fake news and disinformation, you wrote an editorial that seemed to have dismissed our concern at the time. I am happy to say that you have eventually seen the light, as the issue of fake news and disinformation, and the danger it poses to the polity, has become topical. We hope you will write another editorial to highlight the dangers posed by fake news and disinformation, which is now a global problem.

‘‘I want to state clearly that we also have a success story to tell you, especially in the three cardinal programmes that form the plank of our Administration’s policy – Fight against insecurity, war against corruption and the revamping of the economy.
‘‘We have put Boko Haram on the run. Occasionally, they attack soft targets, but even that is being tackled with intelligence-driven measures. We are tackling insecurity comprehensively, whether it is Farmer/Herders clash, Cattle rustling or kidnapping. Only this morning, the Federal Government launched the ”Policy Framework and National Action Plan for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism,” he added.

FIFA Confirms Super Eagles As Youngest Squad During 2018 W/cup Qualifiers

FIFA Confirms Super Eagles As Youngest Squad During 2018 W/Cup Qualifiers

The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) says Nigeria paraded the youngest players during the qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

This was announced on FIFA’s official website on Tuesday by a Switzerland-based independent study Centre International d’Étude du Sport (CIES) in it’s issue number 30 of Observatory Monthly Report.

The CIES Football Observatory is a research group founded in 1995 by FIFA in partnership with the canton and town of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

World Cup champions Germany emerged as the second country that had the youngest squad, while England were third.

A statement on FIFA’s website reads: “The CIES Football Observatory and FIFA have joined forces to analyse the profiles of the players who were fielded by the 32 qualified teams on the road to Russia. The analysis highlights the diversity of the squads in terms of both age and height, as well as the importance of migration with almost two thirds of players currently playing for clubs outside of the association they represent.

“While Nigeria fielded the youngest players (with an average age of 24.9 years) in the qualifiers, followed by title-holders Germany (25.7) and by U-17 and U-20 world champions England (25.9), at the opposite end of the spectrum were two newcomers Panama (29.4 years) and Iceland (29.0), as well as 2014 FIFA World Cup quarter-finalists Costa Rica (29.0).

“There were also considerable differences among the teams in terms of the average height of players. At one extreme, seven associations fielded players with an average height of less than 180cm: Peru, Argentina and Uruguay (CONMEBOL), Saudi Arabia and Japan (AFC), Mexico (CONCACAF), and Spain (UEFA). At the other extreme, the average height of the players fielded by four European nations – Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Serbia – was at least 185cm.

“The study also revealed that about 9% of players were born outside of the association they represent. Only seven of the 32 teams did not field any players born abroad. The number of footballers playing for clubs outside of the association they represent also revealed the importance of migration in football. In total, 64.6% of footballers play abroad: from 0% for England and Saudi Arabia, to 100% for Croatia, Sweden and Iceland.”

The Super Eagles who are in Pot 4, will know their group stage opponents when the draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup holds on Friday, December 1st, in Russia

Don Jazzy Fires His Bodyguard, Chidi For Harassing A Lady

Man videoed shouting at a woman who allegedly told him to park properly at a Lagos restaurant, gets fired by his employer.

Twitter user TheGirlsLikeMe @DoreenGLM Just Broke the news;
Update: My friend (a woman) recognized the man in this video, and messaged his employer( a man) to alert him of his behavior and how she is sure he would not approve of it.
The employer says he has fired him.

According to our own investigation the man’s name is @chidimavin on Instagram Chidi Irechukwu is bio boldly reads ”Don Jazzy’s Body Guard”

Horror Story - The shadow on wall

Henry had words with Edward in the study the night before Edward died," said Caroline Glynn.
She spoke not with acrimony, but with grave severity. Rebecca Ann Glynn gasped by way of assent. She sat in a wide flounce of black silk in the corner of the sofa, and rolled terrified eyes from her sister Caroline to her sister Mrs. Stephen Brigham, who had been Emma Glynn, the one beauty of the family. The latter was beautiful still, with a large, splendid, full-blown beauty, she filled a great rocking-chair with her superb bulk of femininity, and swayed gently back and forth, her black silks whispering and her black frills fluttering. Even the shock of death—for her brother Edward lay dead in the house—could not disturb her outward serenity of demeanor.
But even her expression of masterly placidity changed before her sister Caroline's announcement and her sister Rebecca Ann's gasp of terror and distress in response.

"I think Henry might have controlled his temper, when poor Edward was so near his end," she said with an asperity which disturbed slightly the roseate curves of her beautiful mouth.
"Of course he did not know," murmured Rebecca Ann in a faint tone.
"Of course he did not know it," said Caroline quickly. She turned on her sister with a strange, sharp look of suspicion. Then she shrank as if from the other's possible answer.
Rebecca gasped again. The married sister, Mrs. Emma Brigham, was now sitting up straight in her chair; she had ceased rocking, and was eyeing them both intently with a sudden accentuation of family likeness in her face.
"What do you mean?" said she impartially to them both. Then she, too, seemed to shrink before a possible answer. She even laughed an evasive sort of laugh.
"Nobody means anything," said Caroline firmly. She rose and crossed the room toward the door with grim decisiveness.
"Where are you going?" asked Mrs. Brigham.
"I have something to see to," replied Caroline, and the others at once knew by her tone that she had some solemn and sad duty to perform in the chamber of death.

"Oh," said Mrs. Brigham.
After the door had closed behind Caroline, she turned to Rebecca.
"Did Henry have many words with him?" she asked.
"They were talking very loud," replied Rebecca evasively.
Mrs. Brigham looked at her. She had not resumed rocking. She still sat up straight, with a slight knitting of intensity on her fair forehead, between the pretty rippling curves of her auburn hair.
"Did you—ever hear anything?" she asked in a low voice with a glance toward the door.
"I was just across the hall in the south parlor, and that door was open and this door ajar," replied Rebecca with a slight flush.
"Then you must have——"
"I couldn't help it."
"Most of it."
"What was it?"
"The old story."
"I suppose Henry was mad, as he always was, because Edward was living on here for nothing, when he had wasted all the money father left him."
Rebecca nodded, with a fearful glance at the door.
When Emma spoke again her voice was still more hushed. "I know how he felt," said she. "It must have looked to him as if Edward was living at his expense, but he wasn't."
"No, he wasn't."
"And Edward had a right here according to the terms of father's will, and Henry ought to have remembered it."
"Yes, he ought."
"Did he say hard things?"
"Pretty hard, from what I heard."
"I heard him tell Edward that he had no business here at all, and he thought he had better go away."
"What did Edward say?"

"That he would stay here as long as he lived and afterward, too, if he was a mind to, and he would like to see Henry get him out; and then——"
"Then he laughed."
"What did Henry say?"
"I didn't hear him say anything, but——"
"But what?"
"I saw him when he came out of this room."
"He looked mad?"
"You've seen him when he looked so."
Emma nodded. The expression of horror on her face had deepened.
"Do you remember that time he killed the cat because she had scratched him?"
"Yes. Don't!"
Then Caroline reentered the room; she went up to the stove, in which a wood fire was burning—it was a cold, gloomy day of fall—and she warmed her hands, which were reddened from recent washing in cold water.
Mrs. Brigham looked at her and hesitated. She glanced at the door, which was still ajar; it did not easily shut, being still swollen with the damp weather of the summer. She rose and pushed it together with a sharp thud, which jarred the house. Rebecca started painfully with a half-exclamation. Caroline looked at her disapprovingly.
"It is time you controlled your nerves, Rebecca," she said.
Mrs. Brigham, returning from the closed door, said imperiously that it ought to be fixed, it shut so hard.
"It will shrink enough after we have had the fire a few days," replied Caroline.
"I think Henry ought to be ashamed of himself for talking as he did to Edward," said Mrs. Brigham abruptly, but in an almost inaudible voice.

"Hush," said Caroline, with a glance of actual fear at the closed door.
"Nobody can hear with the door shut. I say again I think Henry ought to be ashamed of himself. I shouldn't think he'd ever get over it, having words with poor Edward the very night before he died. Edward was enough sight better disposition than Henry, with all his faults."
"I never heard him speak a cross word, unless he spoke cross to Henry that last night. I don't know but he did from what Rebecca overheard."
"Not so much cross, as sort of soft, and sweet, and aggravating," sniffed Rebecca.
"What do you really think ailed Edward?" asked Emma in hardly more than a whisper. She did not look at her sister.
"I know you said that he had terrible pains in his stomach, and had spasms, but what do you think made him have them?"
"Henry called it gastric trouble. You know Edward has always had dyspepsia."
Mrs. Brigham hesitated a moment. "Was there any talk of an—examination?" said she.
Then Caroline turned on her fiercely.
"No," said she in a terrible voice. "No."
The three sisters' souls seemed to meet on one common ground of terrified understanding through their eyes.
The old-fashioned latch of the door was heard to rattle, and a push from without made the door shake ineffectually. "It's Henry," Rebecca sighed rather than whispered. Mrs. Brigham settled herself, after a noiseless rush across the floor, into her rocking-chair again, and was swaying back and forth with her head comfortably leaning back, when the door at last yielded and Henry Glynn entered. He cast a covertly sharp, comprehensive glance at Mrs. Brigham with her elaborate calm; at Rebecca quietly huddled in the corner of the sofa with her handkerchief to her face and only one small uncovered reddened ear as attentive as a dog's, and at Caroline sitting with a strained composure in her armchair by the stove. She met his eyes quite firmly with a look of inscrutable fear, and defiance of the fear and of him.
Henry Glynn looked more like this sister than the others. Both had the same hard delicacy of form and aquilinity of feature. They confronted each other with the pitiless immovability of two statues in whose marble lineaments emotions were fixed for all eternity.
Then Henry Glynn smiled and the smile transformed his face. He looked suddenly years younger, and an almost boyish recklessness appeared in his face. He flung himself into a chair with a gesture which was bewildering from its incongruity with his general appearance. He leaned his head back, flung one leg over the other, and looked laughingly at Mrs. Brigham.
"I declare, Emma, you grow younger every year," he said.

She flushed a little, and her placid mouth widened at the corners. She was susceptible to praise.
"Our thoughts to-day ought to belong to the one of us who will never grow older," said Caroline in a hard voice.
Henry looked at her, still smiling. "Of course, we none of us forget that," said he, in a deep, gentle voice; "but we have to speak to the living, Caroline, and I have not seen Emma for a long time, and the living are as dear as the dead."
"Not to me," said Caroline.
She rose and went abruptly out of the room again. Rebecca also rose and hurried after her, sobbing loudly.
Henry looked slowly after them.
"Caroline is completely unstrung," said he.
Mrs. Brigham rocked. A confidence in him inspired by his manner was stealing over her. Out of that confidence she spoke quite easily and naturally.
"His death was very sudden," said she.
Henry's eyelids quivered slightly but his gaze was unswerving.
"Yes," said he, "it was very sudden. He was sick only a few hours."
"What did you call it?"
"You did not think of an examination?"
"There was no need. I am perfectly certain as to the cause of his death."
Suddenly Mrs. Brigham felt a creep as of some live horror over her very soul. Her flesh prickled with cold, before an inflection of his voice. She rose, tottering on weak knees.
"Where are you going?" asked Henry in a strange, breathless voice.
Mrs. Brigham said something incoherent about some sewing which she had to do—some black for the funeral—and was out of the room. She went up to the front chamber which she occupied. Caroline was there. She went close to her and took her hands, and the two sisters looked at each other.
"Don't speak, don't, I won't have it!" said Caroline finally in an awful whisper.
"I won't," replied Emma.
That afternoon the three sisters were in the study.
Mrs. Brigham was hemming some black material. At last she laid her work on her lap.
"It's no use, I cannot see to sew another stitch until we have a light," said she.
Caroline, who was writing some letters at the table, turned to Rebecca, in her usual place on the sofa.
"Rebecca, you had better get a lamp," she said.
Rebecca started up; even in the dusk her face showed her agitation.
"It doesn't seem to me that we need a lamp quite yet," she said in a piteous, pleading voice like a child's.

"Yes, we do," returned Mrs. Brigham peremptorily. "I can't see to sew another stitch."
Rebecca rose and left the room. Presently she entered with a lamp. She set it on the table, an old-fashioned card-table which was placed against the opposite wall from the window. That opposite wall was taken up with three doors; the one small space was occupied by the table.
"What have you put that lamp over there for?" asked Mrs. Brigham, with more of impatience than her voice usually revealed. "Why didn't you set it in the hall, and have done with it? Neither Caroline nor I can see if it is on that table."
"I thought perhaps you would move," replied Rebecca hoarsely.
"If I do move, we can't both sit at that table. Caroline has her paper all spread around. Why don't you set the lamp on the study table in the middle of the room, then we can both see?"
Rebecca hesitated. Her face was very pale. She looked with an appeal that was fairly agonizing at her sister Caroline.
"Why don't you put the lamp on this table, as she says?" asked Caroline, almost fiercely. "Why do you act so, Rebecca?"
Rebecca took the lamp and set it on the table in the middle of the room without another word. Then she seated herself on the sofa and placed a hand over her eyes as if to shade them, and remained so.
"Does the light hurt your eyes, and is that the reason why you didn't want the lamp?" asked Mrs. Brigham kindly.
"I always like to sit in the dark," replied Rebecca chokingly. Then she snatched her handkerchief hastily from her pocket and began to weep. Caroline continued to write, Mrs. Brigham to sew.
Suddenly Mrs. Brigham as she sewed glanced at the opposite wall. The glance became a steady stare. She looked intently, her work suspended in her hands. Then she looked away again and took a few more stitches, then she looked again, and again turned to her task. At last she laid her work in her lap and stared concentratedly. She looked from the wall round the room, taking note of the various objects. Then she turned to her sisters.
"What is that?" said she.
"What?" asked Caroline harshly.
"That strange shadow on the wall," replied Mrs. Brigham.
Rebecca sat with her face hidden; Caroline dipped her pen in the inkstand.
"Why don't you turn around and look?" asked Mrs. Brigham in a wondering and somewhat aggrieved way.

"I am in a hurry to finish this letter," replied Caroline shortly.
Mrs. Brigham rose, her work slipping to the floor, and began walking round the room, moving various articles of furniture, with her eyes on the shadow.
Then suddenly she shrieked out:
"Look at this awful shadow! What is it? Caroline, look, look! Rebecca, look! What is it?"
All Mrs. Brigham's triumphant placidity was gone. Her handsome face was livid with horror. She stood stiffly pointing at the shadow.
Then after a shuddering glance at the wall Rebecca burst out in a wild wail.
"Oh, Caroline, there it is again, there it is again!"
"Caroline Glynn, you look!" said Mrs. Brigham. "Look! What is that dreadful shadow?"
Caroline rose, turned, and stood confronting the wall.
"How should I know?" she said.
"It has been there every night since he died!" cried Rebecca.
"Every night?"
"Yes; he died Thursday and this is Saturday; that makes three nights," said Caroline rigidly. She stood as if holding her calm with a vise of concentrated will.
"It—it looks like—like—" stammered Mrs. Brigham in a tone of intense horror.
"I know what it looks like well enough," said Caroline. "I've got eyes in my head."
"It looks like Edward," burst out Rebecca in a sort of frenzy of fear. "Only——"
"Yes, it does," assented Mrs. Brigham, whose horror-stricken tone matched her sisters', "only—Oh, it is awful! What is it, Caroline?"
"I ask you again, how should I know?" replied Caroline. "I see it there like you. How should I know any more than you?"
"It must be something in the room," said Mrs. Brigham, staring wildly around.
"We moved everything in the room the first night it came," said Rebecca; "it is not anything in the room."
Caroline turned upon her with a sort of fury. "Of course it is something in the room," said she. "How you act! What do you mean talking so? Of course it is something in the room."
"Of course it is," agreed Mrs. Brigham, looking at Caroline suspiciously. "It must be something in the room."
"It is not anything in the room," repeated Rebecca with obstinate horror.
The door opened suddenly and Henry Glynn entered. He began to speak, then his eyes followed the direction of the others. He stood staring at the shadow on the wall.
"What is that?" he demanded in a strange voice.
"It must be due to something in the room," Mrs. Brigham said faintly.
Henry Glynn stood and stared a moment longer. His face showed a gamut of emotions. Horror, conviction, then furious incredulity. Suddenly he began hastening hither and thither about the room. He moved the furniture with fierce jerks, turning ever to see the effect upon the shadow on the wall. Not a line of its terrible outlines wavered.
"It must be something in the room!" he declared in a voice which seemed to snap like a lash.
His face changed, the inmost secrecy of his nature seemed evident upon his face, until one almost lost sight of his lineaments. Rebecca stood close to her sofa, regarding him with woeful, fascinated eyes. Mrs. Brigham clutched Caroline's hand. They both stood in a corner out of his way. For a few moments he raged about the room like a caged wild animal. He moved every piece of furniture; when the moving of a piece did not affect the shadow he flung it to the floor.
Then suddenly he desisted. He laughed.
"What an absurdity," he said easily. "Such a to-do about a shadow."

"That's so," assented Mrs. Brigham, in a scared voice which she tried to make natural. As she spoke she lifted a chair near her.
"I think you have broken the chair that Edward was fond of," said Caroline.
Terror and wrath were struggling for expression on her face. Her mouth was set, her eyes shrinking. Henry lifted the chair with a show of anxiety.
"Just as good as ever," he said pleasantly. He laughed again, looking at his sisters. "Did I scare you?" he said. "I should think you might be used to me by this time. You know my way of wanting to leap to the bottom of a mystery, and that shadow does look—queer, like—and I thought if there was any way of accounting for it I would like to without any delay."
"You don't seem to have succeeded," remarked Caroline dryly, with a slight glance at the wall.
Henry's eyes followed hers and he quivered perceptibly.
"Oh, there is no accounting for shadows," he said, and he laughed again. "A man is a fool to try to account for shadows."
Then the supper bell rang, and they all left the room, but Henry kept his back to the wall—as did, indeed, the others.
Henry led the way with an alert motion like a boy; Rebecca brought up the rear. She could scarcely walk, her knees trembled so.
"I can't sit in that room again this evening," she whispered to Caroline after supper.
"Very well; we will sit in the south room," replied Caroline. "I think we will sit in the south parlor," she said aloud; "it isn't as damp as the study, and I have a cold."
So they all sat in the south room with their sewing. Henry read the newspaper, his chair drawn close to the lamp on the table. About nine o'clock he rose abruptly and crossed the hall to the study. The three sisters looked at one another. Mrs. Brigham rose, folded her rustling skirts compactly round her, and began tiptoeing toward the door.
"What are you going to do?" inquired Rebecca agitatedly.

"I am going to see what he is about," replied Mrs. Brigham cautiously.
As she spoke she pointed to the study door across the hall; it was ajar. Henry had striven to pull it together behind him, but it had somehow swollen beyond the limit with curious speed. It was still ajar and a streak of light showed from top to bottom.
Mrs. Brigham folded her skirts so tightly that her bulk with its swelling curves was revealed in a black silk sheath, and she went with a slow toddle across the hall to the study door. She stood there, her eye at the crack.
In the south room Rebecca stopped sewing and sat watching with dilated eyes. Caroline sewed steadily. What Mrs. Brigham, standing at the crack in the study door, saw was this:
Henry Glynn, evidently reasoning that the source of the strange shadow must be between the table on which the lamp stood and the wall, was making systematic passes and thrusts with an old sword which had belonged to his father all over and through the intervening space. Not an inch was left unpierced. He seemed to have divided the space into mathematical sections. He brandished the sword with a sort of cold fury and calculation; the blade gave out flashes of light, the shadow remained unmoved. Mrs. Brigham, watching, felt herself cold with horror.
Finally Henry ceased and stood with the sword in hand and raised as if to strike, surveying the shadow on the wall threateningly. Mrs. Brigham toddled back across the hall and shut the south room door behind her before she related what she had seen.

"He looked like a demon," she said again. "Have you got any of that old wine in the house, Caroline? I don't feel as if I could stand much more."
"Yes, there's plenty," said Caroline; "you can have some when you go to bed."
"I think we had all better take some," said Mrs. Brigham. "Oh, Caroline, what——"
"Don't ask; don't speak," said Caroline.
"No, I'm not going to," replied Mrs. Brigham; "but——"
Soon the three sisters went to their chambers and the south parlor was deserted. Caroline called to Henry in the study to put out the light before he came upstairs. They had been gone about an hour when he came into the room bringing the lamp which had stood in the study. He set it on the table, and waited a few minutes, pacing up and down. His face was terrible, his fair complexion showed livid, and his blue eyes seemed dark blanks of awful reflections.
Then he took up the lamp and returned to the library. He set the lamp on the center table and the shadow sprang out on the wall. Again he studied the furniture and moved it about, but deliberately, with none of his former frenzy. Nothing affected the shadow. Then he returned to the south room with the lamp and again waited. Again he returned to the study and placed the lamp on the table, and the shadow sprang out upon the wall. It was midnight before he went upstairs. Mrs. Brigham and the other sisters, who could not sleep, heard him.
The next day was the funeral. That evening the family sat in the south room. Some relatives were with them. Nobody entered the study until Henry carried a lamp in there after the others had retired for the night. He saw again the shadow on the wall leap to an awful life before the light.
The next morning at breakfast Henry Glynn announced that he had to go to the city for three days. The sisters looked at him with surprise. He very seldom left home, and just now his practice had been neglected on account of Edward's death.

"How can you leave your patients now?" asked Mrs. Brigham wonderingly.
"I don't know how to, but there is no other way," replied Henry easily. "I have had a telegram from Dr. Mitford."
"Consultation?" inquired Mrs. Brigham.
"I have business," replied Henry.
Doctor Mitford was an old classmate of his who lived in a neighboring city and who occasionally called upon him in the case of a consultation.
After he had gone, Mrs. Brigham said to Caroline that, after all, Henry had not said that he was going to consult with Doctor Mitford, and she thought it very strange.
"Everything is very strange," said Rebecca with a shudder.
"What do you mean?" inquired Caroline.
"Nothing," replied Rebecca.
Nobody entered the study that day, nor the next. The third day Henry was expected home, but he did not arrive and the last train from the city had come.
"I call it pretty queer work," said Mrs. Brigham. "The idea of a doctor leaving his patients at such a time as this, and the idea of a consultation lasting three days! There is no sense in it, and now he has not come. I don't understand it, for my part."
"I don't either," said Rebecca.

They were all in the south parlor. There was no light in the study; the door was ajar.
Presently Mrs. Brigham rose—she could not have told why; something seemed to impel her—some will outside her own. She went out of the room, again wrapping her rustling skirts round that she might pass noiselessly, and began pushing at the swollen door of the study.
"She has not got any lamp," said Rebecca in a shaking voice.
Caroline, who was writing letters, rose again, took the only remaining lamp in the room, and followed her sister. Rebecca had risen, but she stood trembling, not venturing to follow.
The doorbell rang, but the others did not hear it; it was on the south door on the other side of the house from the study. Rebecca, after hesitating until the bell rang the second time, went to the door; she remembered that the servant was out.

Caroline and her sister Emma entered the study. Caroline set the lamp on the table. They looked at the wall, and there were two shadows. The sisters stood clutching each other, staring at the awful things on the wall. Then Rebecca came in, staggering, with a telegram in her hand. "Here is—a telegram," she gasped. "Henry is—dead."

D'banj Stops His Performance To Rescue An Assaulted Fan (video)

Dr. Sid – Jensimi [New Video]

Dr. Sid – Jensimi. Mavin Records act, Dr. Sid dishes out the official video to his hit record titled Jensimi.
The catchy flick features cameo appearances from Woli Arole, Asiri Comedy, Samuel Ajibola and DJ Big N.
Enjoy below

Viktoh – Your Type [New Video]

Viktoh – Your Type. After teasing his fans for a short while, the King Cupid himself, Viktoh, officially releases the banging visual for his latest single, Your Type. Directed by Delali.


Q DOCTOR drops a new hit love tune titled O BABY featuring SIRGODY and ADEOLABABS,
This is a tune you sure gonna put on replay...
Download and share your view


This is crazy-This N720m Limousine Can Move On Land And On Water

There are a lot of amphibious vehicles in the world today but this one is different. It’s a Limousine when it moves on land, and a Yacht on water! Its a true combination of luxury and awesomeness.

Its called TENDER 33 by Nouvoyage and it costs approximately ₦720 Million

CAPACITY: 12 Passengers, 2 Crew and Wheelchair Access

This is what it looks like :

Female Nigerian Lawyer Who Killed Her Husband Sentenced To 7 Years Imprisonment (Pic)

A Female Lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, who is responsible for stabbing her husband to death has been slammed with a seven-year jail term .

Oyediran who killed her husband Lowo, was on Monday sentenced to seven years in prison by Justice Muntar Abimbola for manslaughter.

The former staff of the Department of Public Prosecution in the Oyo State of Ministry of Justice killed her husband with a knife after a disagreement on February 2, 2016, at their residence in Akobo area of Ibadan.

The couple has no child.

Music: ChiNext - Alubarika (@chinext5)

Download Music: ChiNext - Alubarika (@chinext5)

Agunobi Chinemere Richard, popularly known as ChiNext premieres his first ever studio single Titled "Alubarika", meaning "God's blessing". Alubarika is an inspirational song, a must-download song for everyone who needs God's intervention in his/her life.

This amazing jam is produced by Mic. Download below, enjoy the groove and share.


Wizkid Apologizes For Missing Banky W's White Wedding

As fans comes hard on wizkid earlier today... The super star who miss out on both the traditional and white wedding has since took to his Instagram handle to apologies to banky w for the second time

God bless my big bro @bankywellington and our new wife @adesuaetomi ❤️ God will bless you with happiness and abundance of Joy as u start your new life together! Missing this day is something that will forever make me sad, But this is not about me, its abt you! Enjoy ! Happiness and love forever ! ❤️❤️ #Stillwaitingonmypassport ☹️

Senator, Rep Member Fight At Airport

A Senator and a member of the House of Representatives clashed Wednesday in Yola over the distribution of relief materials for to internally displaced people.

The incident took place at the Yola International Airport between the senator representing Adamawa central senatorial zone, Abdulaziz Nyako, and the House member representing Michika/Madagali, Adamu Kamale.

Following the recent bomb blasts that rocked Madagali, the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA had set aside relief materials to assist the communities affected.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that arrangements were also made for, ”all the stakeholders” to go in a team by air to deliver the relief materials, while NEMA officials supervised the delivery.

A security source, who was at the airport where the team gathered, narrated how the two lawmakers engaged in a violent confrontation.

”A helicopter was arranged by the Air Force to convey some of the stakeholders to where the materials were to be distributed on Wednesday. However, minutes before the take-off, drama ensued at the airport. Kamale was billed to travel on board the helicopter with Senator Abdulaziz Nyako, Air Commodore Sunday Ohemu and others,” the source said.

”But, while they were about to board the helicopter, Senator Abdulaziz Nyako was seen saying that, ‘Kamale should not be allowed to use the helicopter as he (Nyako) is the chairman of the delegation.’ This caused drama and hot argument.”

Mr. Kamale told PREMIUM TIMES his version of what transpired.

“Following the unfortunate incidence of bomb blast explosions in Madagali, which is one of the local governments in my constituency, the Governor of Adamawa State, together with other well-meaning Nigerians including members of the National Assembly solicited for relief materials from the National Emergency Agency (NEMA) for the people of Madagali.

“As the honourable member representing the area, I personally called on the director general of NEMA earlier on Monday the 20th of November, 2017 to ensure the delivery of the relief materials. Arrangements were made with all the stakeholders, including Senator Abdulaziz Nyako, who is the chairman, senate committee on IDPs /NEMA to deliver the relief materials. Air Commodore Ohemu was assigned by NEMA to supervise the delivery.

”A helicopter was arranged by the Air Force to convey some of the stakeholders to where the materials was to be distributed on Wednesday, November, 21st, 2017 by 9am. I was billed to travel on board the helicopter with Senator Abdulaziz Nyako, Air commodore Ohemu and others.

He said he did not bargain for what he met when he tried boarding the aircraft.

“To my utmost dismay, while I was to board the helicopter, Senator Abdulaziz Nyako ordered that I should not be permitted to use the helicopter as he is the chairman of the delegation.

“All my efforts to draw the attention of the Senator and the Air Force officer failed and in the process, the Air Force officer ordered his men on ground to assault my person and to put me in the guardroom. They tore up my dresses. I sustained a lot of bruises from my forceful withdrawal from the helicopter,” Mr. Kamale said.

He added, that, “The people of Madagali have suffered several attacks and have been traumatised for many years. As their representative, I have never seen Senator Abdulaziz Nyako in Madagali to commiserate with the people of the area over the several unfortunate incidences.

“I cannot explain this sudden ‘monopoly’ of the Senator on the Federal government’s relief materials meant for the people of my constituency,” Mr. Kamale said.

Mr. Nyako denied assaulting the lawmaker. He also gave PREMIUM TIMES his version of what happened at the Yola airport.

”Last week, I was at NEMA headquarters for oversight function being the chairman, senate committee on IDPs/ NEMA. They requested me to be part (of the process) and to chair the relief materials’ distribution in Gulak, Madagali. So they assured me they would provide me with an aircraft, and they requested that I should provide them with the list of those who will be in my entourage.

”Naturally I provided the names of members of my committee in the Senate and I was also informed by the DG NEMA that Senator Binta Masi Garba (representing the area) will want to be in attendance. So I included her name and that of the chairman, House of Reps committee on NEMA /IDPs, Hon.Jibrin Galjumari.

”To our dismay, after we all boarded the helicopter and the crew had finished all checks and engine was set on with propeller rolling, about to take-off, to our shock, the man in question (Mr. Kamale) from nowhere just jumped in, in what could be described as suicidal mission. He wanted to ‘climb’ the aircraft, a serious situation he put us in.

”So he should thank God for saving his life, not blame me! We were all shocked to our marrow when we were later told that he was a federal lawmaker, who should have known the consequence (of what he did),’’ Mr. Nyako said.

The North-east zonal coordinator of NEMA, Bashir Garga, blamed Mr. Kamale for his action which he described as a ”suicide mission.”

”In the first place, NEMA provided the names of those scheduled for the flight. Kamale’s name was not in the flight manifesto but the honourable member declined to heed to our pleas.

”How could he attempt to enter, after the helicopter was about lifting into the air? Infact, if not that the Air Force pilot was ‘mindful’, the propeller could have cut off his head’’, the official said.

The air commodore’s version of what happened could not be immediately obtained at the time of filing the report.

Davido – Like Dat Mp3 Download


Dmw Boss Davido Has Finally Dropped the Long Anticipated Jam Which He Tagged Like Dat, the Sound Which Was supposed to be out on his birthday has finally being put out.

DOWNLOAD Mp3: Davido – Like Dat

Wande Coal Reportedly Gets Married In A Private Ceremony

It appears it is wedding season in the music industry. Following the recently held marriage ceremony of Adesua and Banky W, it appears Wande Coal has followed their path to tie the knot with his heartthrob.
According to The Nation, popular singer, Wande Coal has tied the knot with a lady, said to be Chinemerem. It is reported that their traditional wedding ceremony was held on Saturday, November 18, 2017. According to the reports, the traditional ceremony was attended by only close friends and family members of the couple at the residence of the bride’s parents in Lagos.
A close family friend of the bride described the pair as ‘extremely suited pieces of a bigger puzzle.’ It is being said that their Church wedding is slated for 2018.

Brymo Announces Title For His Sixth Studio Album & Book Publishing Plans

Singer, Brymo has announced the title for his sixth studio album to be “Oso (the wizard).” The singer made this announcement on Twitter and he added that he would be publishing his first book.
In his post, the singer revealed that himself and his team are working towards next year (2018) for the two projects. Brymo also included the link to a channel through which his fans can get updates about his music and his forthcoming book.
See his post below.

Herbalist With 7 Human Skulls In Kwara Caught & Paraded By Police (Photos)

KWARA State police command has arrested a 25-year old herbalist with seven human skulls.

Parading the suspect, among other suspected criminals in Ilorin on Thursday, the commissioner of police, Lawan Ado, said that the herbalist was arrested along Ilorin-Ajase Ipo road with a sack containing the seven human heads.

He said that the suspect had confessed to have exhumed the head-having a Muslim cemetery located at Igbo Owu community in the Ifelodun local government area of the state on Tuesday.

The police boss, who said that the suspect had allegedly exhumed the heads for ritual purpose, added that the police was in the trail of the second suspect who together with the suspect had committed the offense.

He said that the suspect would soon be charged to court as soon as the investigation was concluded on the matter.

During his interrogation, the suspect said that the escaped suspect initiated him into the crime, adding that they meant to use the seven human skulls for the money-making ritual.

The state police command also paraded five other suspects, including a serving Nigerian Army sergeant who was allegedly caught for theft of a brand new green colour Land Rover jeep belonging to minister of state for Niger Delta, Professor Claudius Daramola.

The police commissioner, who described the suspect as an interstate armed robbery gang, said that the suspects had stolen the vehicle at the residence of the professor at Tanke area of Ilorin metropolis.

He said that the suspects, arrested along Ilorin-Ajase Ipo road by a team of Safer Highway operatives of the command, had earlier been alerted to the movement of the gang.

The police boss said that the military man and the other suspects had confessed to the crime, described the military man as a deserter.

Mr Ado also paraded three-man robbery gang, who allegedly specialised in using their taxi cab to snatch exotic cars in the Ilorin metropolis.

The police boss, who said that the gang usually used their taxi cab to overtake and force their target to stop before dispossessing victims of their vehicles, added that the suspects had been suspected cattle rustlers before graduating to car snatching.





Mixtape || Olamide Feat. DJ Segxywin - Lagos Nawa Mixtape

YBNL Nation Present The Whole Tracks In The Album "Lagos Nawa" [Wobey Sound] As A Mixtape For More Enjoyment Of YBNL Nation Fans Across The Globe, While The  Famous Youngest Deejay, DJ Segxywin From Eminent Imprint, Shyne Guyz Music Worldwide Was Host To Pile Up Those Tracks.

Track List

1. Intro: Olamide x DJ Segxywin
2. Wo Spiritual
3. Yagaga
4. Shine
5. Radio Lagos
6. The One
7. Bend It
8. Fine Fine Girl
9. Fe Nu Shey
10. Oro Pawpaw
11. Shanko Baby
12. Mo Je Dodo
13. Everyday No Is Not Christmas
14 Saysay Maley
15 Nawa Lagos
16. On A Must Buzz
17. Outro: Olamide x DJ Segxywin


Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time

Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time
TeeKingTV Editorial: Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time
It's been said and confirmed that the street has evolved from what it used to be. This transition isn't so rapid as it has come from the intellectual evolution of those who understands how well it is relating with indigenous songs and has so far maintained loyalty in their DNAs.

Here is a snapshot of a group chat on Whatsapp where members which comprise reputable DJs, Artists, Bloggers, Writers and Music analysts spoke at length about the err that has found its way into artists like Olamide and their waves in the Nigerian Music Industry. None of these members is sentimental but the truth be told, there is nothing else but validity wrapped up down here.

See them below:

Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time
Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time

Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time

Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time

Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time

Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time

Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time
As to buttress the claims of the legend, MI, in his verse (You rappers should fix up your life) against the madness that has disrupted the integrity of Nigerian rap, this chat was erupted from the burning desires of countless lovers of Nigerian music as so to re-stabilize the structure and pride of Nigerian Music. 
The discourse herein seems to focus mainly on Olamide and his recent album, "Lagos Nawa" which i personally consider as garbage in garbage out, but to be factual and candid, Olamide here was just literally represented as the microcosm of the entire problem facing Nigerian Music.
Trouble Erupts As The Street Begins To Turn Their Back On Olamide As Regard His Latest Studio Album | Dude Is Missing It Big Time
It's hightime dude talked some sense into himself and redirect his ways before he begins to fade away just like some of the members predicted in the chats above.

Nigerian music needs healing! Can you provide us with panadol???

Kindly share your thought on this.