December 16, 2017



I have this feelings of enjoyment🍗, what a SIGN..😉
I will eat wat ever I like today n I will pay no FINE..😂🕺
I hail the Cute Birthday🎂 Girl, she's REFINE..💖
she's pretty n she Dy SHINE..👰
Dear, hope u saw my flower BOUQUET..🌷🌺🌸🌼🌻
Hope u liked it, for ur bday party I intend complimenting my dress with a JACKET..👔
If I will be safe I don't mind flying u on a ROCKET..🚀🚀
I went to the MARKET..🎑
With 4 Containers🚚 not jxt a BASKET..😂😘
Because u deserve the pretty tins the selling place cud OFFER..🍤🍗👛👢👡👡👒👜💼👗
So enjoy yourself to the fullest, I don't wanna see u SUFFER..😍😘



Sometimes it hard to PRAY..🙏
bcuz life sometimes looks GRAY..😐
in every darkness of life we expect to see its RAY..✨
n to us its like the light part of life seems to FAIL..😒
sometimes it hard to be GRATEFUL..🙇🏻
cuz we face challenges dat are PAINFUL..😭
n dats y wen d blessing comes,we prefer not to be SHAREFUL..😡
those with a GOLDEN SPOON💰.. have nvr stop dancing to d MONEY TUNE..💸
but those without RICHES😔..live their life like they are being tormented by some WITCHES..👹
Well,one day is gonna turn into another SEASON..⛅
U gonna see dat all d tragedy u have,was for another REASON..😲
it jxt a temporary PASS BY🚶.. so u gat to kip ur head HIGH.🙂
Take d pain as a LESSON😊..with d hope DAT some day it gonna change to a BLESSING..💰🚘
cuz joy is gonna come in d MORNING😉.. n wen its coming it won't forget to come along with MONEY..😂
So stand tall, far away from your KNEELS..💪
luk so tall like a girl on HILLS..👠
n say No to DEFEAT💪..let it know datu will nvr FORFEIT..💪😡
Cuz u are VICTOR💪😉 n a CONQUEROR.💪💪💪.

#LatestConcept_Titled-LET'S DATE.

If I be ur Danvo DRIVER..🚌
wud u be my CONDUCTOR..😊
wud u be my VICTORIA..💁
cuz I am also VICTOR..💁‍♂
we cud be so close like a Drunk Man n is BEER..🍺
our love won't be useless like a car without no GEAR..😉
We will stay strong 2geda like an Eagle without no FEAR..🤓
I contain d six classes of food dat makes up ur DIET..🍛
n I am so optimistic like an hunter n is TARGET..🐑
until I get u,I am not ready to die YET..🙅🏻‍♂
let's be more dan romio n JULIET..🙂
let's be something funny like a cooperate dress n JACKET..😆
I want to make u d queen to my PARADISE..♛
I know we will get d highest number Six if we roll d DICE..🎲
So, if u truly love me, no chop my EYES..👀
Cuz, to tell🗣 u aw I feel, it took me lots of COURAGE..🙂
If u also feel dsame, den don't eat it up like some PORIAGE..😘
We may or may not end up in MARRIAGE..💍
but I know we luk palatable n fit even wit our AGE..👌
I know am not alone in this FEELINGS..💞💕
some day dis love cud be our HEALINGS..💝
So, let's DATE without HATE n REGRET..💏
let's be special🙏🙏


I saw this girl at a Gymnastic CENTER..🏋‍♀
D way she exercise made me to MENTER..😙
she mesmerize me n made me EAGER..🙂
to ENTER through the CENTER..😉
I traced her to her HOUSE..🏨
as she wore a Nice BLOUSE..👚
I went to MEET HER.. as a Very gud bad NIGGER..🏃🏾
I wore long souse n a short NIKA..with a Black SNICKER..👟
the next tin, we set for a DATE..😄
if u see my dressing u can nvr HATE instead u will RATE..😎
(In The Eatery)
Wen she said she wanted something light i was HAPPY..😊☺
cuz as a Very perfect bad guy u wanted her to be SNAPPY..😉
So we can do it SHARPLY...😜😝
She got my grief, wen I saw wat she ORDER..😟
I was shocked dat I asked "who will pay", your or your MOTHER..😏
As I was busy talking, she was busy ordering for ANOTHER..🙆🏿‍♂ (IN MY MIND I SAID)
like she want to die SHA..😡
is it bcoz her name was AISHA..😠
cuz she is now acting like someone DAT av smoke CHICHA..😣
I Kept my WORD😶..I looked around, I felt like I was alone in d WORLD..🌍
Well, I codedly stood UP..🚶
With the excuse dat I want to go n wash UP..🚶
from there I find my way home🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾.. cuz dats wat she get wen she needs #SOMETHING_LIGHT😄😄😃😄😃😄

Guys fear girls dat wants Something Light.


If for your sake i go to JAIL, i know you will visit me all DAY.
if for you
i show much CARE, i know you will appreciate my CARE.
So, i will try my best not to do you WRONG, in my hrt thats where you BELONG.
I will be the one to cook👨‍🍳🍱 when you are PREGNANT, i gat no Gun🔫 but i will protect you like a MILITANT.
Forever in my hrt u shall DWELL. hater,third party,enemies shall come but we shall send them to HELL. i will stand by you all times and even wen u'r not WELL.
I will crack jokes just to make you LAUGH😄. when will are going late for church i will help you tie your SCARF😉.
When you gat problems, i will make a joke out of it to make you smile and to see it as NOTHING. I will take you as my EVERYTHING and i know you will put me above your EVERYTHING.
I may not have money💶💰 to take you round the world and to buy you the finest things of LIFE..but i promise i will make you feel the worth of LIFE.
I will let the world know that you gat DIMPLES😊, i will see you as just You and not PEOPLE.
I also know you will take me as the #APPLE🍏 that makes up your #iPHONE.📱



Smile🙂 for me, even wen u frown for d WORLD..🌏
Cuz we are strongly connected, let's say its love CORD..💞
Safe me instead and stab my enemies with a SURD..🗡
Be my Even number n not the number dat are ODD..🙏
Understand me wen no one WILL..🙏
Put me up⬆, so I cud be like u wen u are on HILL..👠
Don't give me excuses wen I say it's time for us to CHILL..💏
plz, always tell me how u FEEL..🙏
Kiss me without me ASKING..😐🙏
Cuz wen u do, it does not mean I have broke my FASTEN..🙂
Let dem watch us while we are BOUNCING..👫
Let me do d singing🎤 while u do d DANCING..💃
Stand BY ME💖..not BEHIND ME🙏..but WITH ME.💑💑💑

#EmotionalConcept_By_VITAL (Tackle😘)

I feel down in PAIN..😣
it seems like all my effort was crown with no GAIN..😔
it's like am held captive in a CHAIN..⛓
But am gonna definitely come out,even if u DISDAIN..💪
Most time u feel like asking God WHY..☹
but it's hard 4u to say cuz u now feel SHY..😶
U wish to say ur limit is not the SKY..☁
U av d dream to FLY🦅..But u can't wen ur effort seems to SLIGH..😡
I feel my tears as I CRY..😭
I did my best n I knew I TRY..😓😓.

Note::--Life most time don't give u wat u expect. But make out something great from wat ever it gives. #Enjoy

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