SARS Brutalizes Young Man In Benin, Edo State - Injures Him Badly

What is really wrong with this SARS operatives? On a second look into this #EndSARS saga, I need to ask, What is wrong with Nigeria Police and Judiciary in this country? This rubbish has gone on for too long. I even find it had to blame SARS operative because Nigeria cannot just spell out what the law is.

Why are we enemies and prisoners of our own self? For God sake you can't treat somebody with disdane just because of his or her dressing. What is this? This is not a banana republic for God sake. If the law is; police cannot request to see someone's property (laptop or phone) then spell it out and prosecute the goddamn offenders so that it will serve as deterant to any other person(s) who would wish to flaunt the law in near future.

Imagine what this animals did to this young man for refusing to submit his phone. He was left bloodied and injured, on Thursday, after he was hit with a gun for refusing a phone check in Benin, Edo State. I don't recognize this country anymore. Even a ZOO is looking better than staying in Nigeria.

Narrating what happened, an eyewitness wrote:

"This happened on Thursday, between 10am and 10.46am on Giwa Amu road in GRA, Benin. These policemen wearing black T shirts (pictured), stopped a taxi driver for driving one way.

According to the driver, he said as soon has he stopped, he apologized to the officers and then he said they asked all the passengers to get out of the car and they asked one of the passengers where he works and also asked him to hand his phone over to them, but he refused.

He was then accused of being a cultist and that was why he didn't want to hand his phone over. At this point they tried to force him into another car. He again refused and he was hit with a gun, which led to massive bleeding.

Alot of us tried to know what station they were from or get a badge number or name but all to no avail. I was lucky to have taken this pix and also able to capture at least 2 of the officers while the other one tried as much as he could to avoid those who had phones with them. A good Samaritan ended up taking the guy for treatment."

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