Dismissed Labour Party Chairman Invade Secretariat With Thugs, Causes Havoc

The recently sacked labour party chairman, abdulkadir Abdulsalam has stormed the party secretariat with thugs to sabotage and disrupt the growth of the party.
This report was confirmed by the residents of Oke Agbe Street in Garki 2, few minutes ago, as the police who filed a petition alleging the involvement of ex LP chairman in a multi-billion naira scam fails to intervene in the situation, amidst the brutal operations of hired thugs in the party secretariat - what a contradiction.        
However,The Nigeria Police has refused to intervene, but instead decides to watch their jungle boys who speculatively pays the piper and eventually dictates the tune; the Police has decided to protect thugs by refusing to enforce the law on civil security and peace resolution.                
A similar situation occurred with INEC, which till date refused to recognise the results of the party convention held last year that upholds Dr. Mike as the genuine elected chairman of the party. The question today is, was NPF and INEC established to dance the tune of politicians or are meant to sustain national interest in the favour of the entire Nigeria citizenry?
According to one of the party executives, he says, "Labour party will continue to grow, no matter the activities of saboteurs to the growth and development of our party.‎

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