Rare Edge Media the producers of flagship television shows such as Aajiirebi, Awon Aladun De,  Family First and Akoni Obinrin is currently on location to produce another ground breaking television show; Borokini The Telenovela which started principal photography on the 22nd December 2017.

The production parades an amalgam of sterling performers, veterans and quintessential Nollywood stars such as Taiwo Ibikunle, Tunde Oladimeji, Jaiye Kuti, Bimbo Oshin, Akin Lewis, Antar Laniyan, Alex Osifo, Ebun Oloyede (Olaiya Igwe) and Yemi Solade who recently turned 58 while on set of Borokini The Telenovela.

Borokini captures the story of three elite friends and business partners; Laolu Deji and Supo who go through different journeys and travails in their families, careers and aspirations. The story takes us through the trio’s connecting travesties in strengths and weakness. Borokini is a masterfully told story of Laolu (Akin Lewis), an extremely ambitious industrialist who wants to be king of his hometown Pakuro at all costs, Deji (Antar Laniyan), a calm looking University Professor who sleeps with Laolu’s wife Yetunde (Bimbo Oshin) to help make babies for him. Supo (Yemi Solade), on the other hand is a wifeless, carefree Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court who loves the fast life and wants to be Governor of his state. Their lives seem to have a semblance of calm till an old friend and brother simply referred to as Major (Alex Osifo), having retired from the military at that rank, miraculously returns, to the shock of the three friends who having presumed him dead in a car crash proceeds to appropriate his share of their oil business to themselves neglecting Major’s family completely. Major’s return set about a lot of disturbance in the trio’s life. Thus, their interactions with themselves and all those connected to them is filled with various dramas of romance, intrigues, betrayal and above all murder as each try to survive in the labyrinth of chaos which characterize the typical life of the upper-class elites. The ingredient of this storyline such as crime, romance, glamour, power play and intrigue is believed will ensure that the audience have fun and learn a few things during its broadcast run.

Just like the other projects from Rare Edge Media, Borokini The Telenovela also provides the platform for emerging talents via a careful admixture of various other young actors hitherto unknown, some of whom are trying out their acting skills for the first time; hence Rare Edge Media is using this production platform as a proper mentoring tool for young people thereby creating opportunity for young and emerging actors to work with established names in the industry and the result is a high end enjoyable, entertaining and educative drama show which is expected to be able to retain audience discussion for as long as possible.
In addition to the usual quality differentiations in production design, story craft and cast selection, Rare Edge Media has set another record within the Yoruba genre of productions viz the production of 120 episodes of television drama in one production schedule swoop. Although other Yoruba television dramas have reached and surpassed the target 120 episodes, no Yoruba television drama producer has produced 120 episodes of television drama at once. This goal is herculean and capital intensive but that is what Rare Edge Media has set out to do with Borokini The Telenovela and the testifier to its possibility is the fact that we are all here today to witness the end of the first block of 30 episodes.
This statement will be incomplete without extending appreciation to the entire production team (cast and crew) who have been extremely cooperative thus making the first block shoot almost a walk in the park and as we proceed to the next block of 30 episodes, we look forward to an improvement in this cooperation.
Also gratitude is expressed to individuals who availed us the use of their properties and materials for the shoot while not forgetting corporate entities such as AIT Ibadan, RayPower FM Ibadan, Neptune Fingerlicking Lounge, Blossom Court Apartments, The Oyo State Judiciary, JOT Hotels, Kriss Court Hotel, Otunba Davies, M-One Securities, Jolamade Hospital, The University of Ibadan and many others too numerous to mention who inconvenienced their normal business routine so that filming could happen on their facilities.
It is particularly inspiring that this epoch-making production is being filmed in Ibadan Oyo state in line with the current dispensation’s transformation agenda; this is Rare Edge Media’s small quota in contributing towards the development of its resident state and a passive collaborative venture with the Ministries of Information, Arts and Culture as well as that of Youths and Sports Development on two fronts:
1.       Playing up Ibadan and Oyo state in the culture and entertainment industry but mostly cultural promotion in quality project delivery as evident in the choice of production language and culture set, Yoruba in lieu of English.
2.       Creating a platform of professional expression for young people within the Oyo state economy
On a final note, Rare Edge Media invites all stake holders in Oyo state and beyond to get on board through whatever means they can and associate with the success story which it is evident that Borokini The Telenovela brand is set to be.
God bless Ibadan!
God bless Oyo State!!
God bless Nigeria!!!
God bless us all!!!
Thank you…

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