Lyric + Audio : Nicky WD - Believe ft Twest (Prod. ID Cleff)

Respect, its your boy twest
(yeaah) yo Nicky Wd

Everyday me I dey grind
I get this money for my mind
See,Double your hustle cos i no get your time
If we all grind we all go shine

So my brother just believe,believe
In everything just believe,believe

You see my brother just believe,believe

I tell you just believe,believe
You just gat to believe, believe your self o.

Verse1 : (Nicky Wd)
Well, im on a low, they think say I Don broke/
I just they hustle for more make I fit blow/
Na just time e go take, put your mind o/
E sure for everybody my guy only if you grind o/
More dollar everyday as to think of/
We no they sleep for night bros we still dey grind on/
All day all night we still dey grind on/
More dolla in the bank yeah, we still dey grind on/
E get boys wey de collect pass your president/
Na just to give room for them make them gain independence/
We all get ten fingers, Omor na to hustle/
You they sit down for chair just to hail boys/
You no won collect your laptop make you press o/
All this niqqaz wey they collect na one head them get o/


Verse 2: (Twest)

See Charley, believe in your hustle o/
The hustle is real , same with the struggle o/
As we dey grind for night, I pray make evil no come my way/
Cos over  here for our side even our night na day/
Na steady i dey win, charley Loose Never/
Too many Win no looses , na me be Mayweather/
Them say there class too high them no gree let me join/
But this days they believe me pass religion/
They won turn other me useless /
But lyric them too many for my brain I just they use-less/
Believe in your hustle cos you no get choice/
My name na Twest, I for broke if I no get voice


Verse 3: (Nicky Wd)
oluwa know say Nicky no they fake Life/
i just they grind everyday make I live Life/
me and my guys for this town we go ball o/
The money don dey come bros bros, come dey ball o/
Chase money bros, I chase it big/
Anytime wey I press , I press it big/
Well, I'm the boy from the south and the east o/
We dey ball anywhere they know us/
We dey hustle for the money we no dey joke o/
I remember last year when I broke o/
No food for table yet we still dey press o/
Now the money Don dey come why you dey vex o/


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