MUSIC:Juli A Ft Maero & Lagreat - "Whine Dat" (Prod. Maero)

Redbuffalo Entertainment gives us an introduction to the eclectic, colorful palette they’ve been working with. Their music feels like a splatter of influences ranging from hip-hop to dream pop, and in these times, that feels not only completely natural, but necessary to be a part of the future.

Juli A has no singular, defining sonic trademark. His music feels nimble and unhinged, and that’s all the more reason to believe that he’ll keep evolving with the times. The label’s latest single Whine Dat off it’s MTRNFWY music sessions, featuring verses from Botswana musicians Maero and Lagreat, with a hook from Juli A is exceedingly hot.
The song is built for clubs and both parties are having some of the biggest moments of their respective careers. Even the most blissful summer is ultimately an oasis, and Maero‘s production is a gentle reminder of that, making “Whine Dat” a track as suited for your day party playlist, as it is for the 3:00AM drive home.


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