(Novel) Itakun Ife by Rowjew (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1

“I am in complete control of determining my Emotions
I accept abundant love, happiness
And positive energy in my life”
Mojolaoreofeoluwa let the familiar words of the mantra roll off her tongue in soft whispers which was barely audible across the room.
Few minutes ago, after reading through a text message from her boyfriend, she had stomped off to her room and lay in bed not bothering to pull off her dress and stilettos.
“Something came up at the studio, I sincerely hope you understand”
“Typical, Mojola thought. This wasn’t the first time he was cancelling their date at the last minute and she was certain it wouldn’t be his last. She let out a deep sigh and started reciting the mantra which had become part of her over the years. The mantra helped stop the tears, it helped heal the pang in her heart, it gave her a little hope that the perfect love life would soon be upon her, but she had started having doubts about finding the unsullied man for her, not anymore, not after she left khaleed.
She rubbed her face wearily in an attempt to push off memories of him from her thoughts, but sometimes, even memories can be obstinate and it took her to the last day she set her eyes on him, replaying the whole scene in her head. She shivered involuntarily as if the coldness of that night had somehow crept into her room. She remembered the silence that hung between them during the weeks before the split. They stopped talking late into the night, the usual cuddling at night gave way to going to bed alone or sleeping with their back against each other, the once upon a time lovey-dovey moments which was never lacking between them gave way to brief greetings and eating in silence.

The silence was enough to tell her something was amiss and when she approached Khaleed about it, he only told her not to worry that they were fine and she should remember he’ll always love her. She had merely shrugged as she sees no reason to distrust him.
“Sooner or later, you’ll tell me what’s on your mind that’s causing this gloomy mood around you”. She had said to him.
When he finally did talk on that cold night, his words were like dagger and it struck deep into her heart. The tears were threatening to spill from her eyes but she managed to check them in and asked in a shaky voice
“What do you mean by you’re leaving and I can’t come with you?”

Khaleed had forestalled this kind of counteract from her when he finally tells her the truth.  He had been in sheer trepidation that he was going to lose her and that was why he had kept off from telling her till it was now a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.
“I finally got a 3 years contract with an architectural company in the states and I’ll be leaving tomorrow”. Khaleed hoped she would not pursue the matter further.
“What company?”
“When and how?”
“What do you mean by leaving tomorrow”. Her voice was rising now.
“Since when have you been chasing this …she paused…contract?
“Close to 6months now, and when it finally…she cut him off before he could say more
“6 months! 6 months khal! She couldn’t keep the tears back and it flowed down her cheeks freely.
“Baby I’m sorry, I’m doing this for us but if you could just wait for me. He tried to move close to her and wrap his hands around her waist, knowing how much she loved his touch. She held up a hand abruptly and glared at him. Khaleed quickly took a step back, knowing from past encounter that it wouldn’t be wise to make a move on her.

“Please”. He said more desperately.
“Goodnight”. She said with a tone of finality and went to bed with her face turned towards the wall.
Various thoughts ran through her head as more tears spilled from her eyes.  Suddenly, the sky gave one thundering sound, lightning flashed through, and it began to pour, the sky let down rainwater cumbrously as if in a competition with her tears .she wrapped her arms around herself tight and wish she could snug up to Khaleed just like she had always done on cold nights, but she would not.
What he did was unacceptable to her. why could he not tell her earlier? How did he go about it without her knowing? What if he wasn’t being honest with his story of suddenly leaving tomorrow? Would he come back for her? Could she wait for him?
It was like a tug of war between her head and heart. but why?  How?  What if? Would he? Could she?
By the time the skies cease pouring, her face was staid and her mind made up.
Khaleed had trouble sleeping; he kept tossing and turning in bed thinking of how best to placate her, he finally made up his mind to talk to her in the morning. She would be calm and reasonable by then.
When the alarm on his phone woke him up by 5:30am for his morning salat, nothing of hers was left in the apartment except a piece of paper with her neat handwriting boldly written on it.

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