(Novel) Itakun Ife by Rowjew (Chapter 2)


Mojolaoreofeoluwa yawned and stretched lazily in bed, sitting up suddenly when she felt the ache in her feet, she swore loudly when she looked down and saw the cause of the foot ache, her stilettos, which she had forgotten to pull off last night.
She couldn’t remember what time she slept off neither did she knew she slept off muttering her love mantra subconsciously.
She pulled her legs closer and unstrapped the stilettos flinging them carelessly on the purple rug, swearing again at the swollenness and numbness of her toes.
After few minutes of massaging, rubbing and assuring herself that no serious damage was done, she reached for her phone.
There was a new message from Temilorun
“I’ll come see you and make it up to you”.
She dropped her phone and glanced at the wall clock, the time was a quarter past 11am. She wondered what time he would drop by and since he didn’t say, then she had better get prepared.
She yawned loudly and rolled out of bed, walking carefully to the lengthywall mirror beside her wardrobe. She laughed at her reflection almost immediately.She looked untidy. Her face was smeared with the colors from her lipstick and mascara. Her wig was ruffle up and her dress was creased in all places.
She took a face wipe and started cleaning the fine mess she had taken hours to do the night before.  She pulled down her wig and sighed in relieve when she felt cool air ooze into her scalp. She pushed down the zipper of her dress and watched her reflection in the mirror as the sexy red strapless gown slipped off her body.
She was thick in all the right places and she loved her hourglass figure. The roundness of her hips and the plumpness of her boobs which seems to attract looks from men, but her boobs were not as busty as that of Amaka which seems to attract stares from both men and women alike. Amaka was her close friend and co-worker at a bank where they both work as cashiers. She unclipped her strapless bra and smiled when she remembered the day she caught Amaka eyeing the bra regretfully that the cup wasn’t her size.
The gory part of being friends with Amaka was that the busty lady was fond of taking forceful ownership of anything that catches her fancy. Mojola trousers and gowns were safe since the busty lady had a cello shape, but Mojola makeup kit, wigs and shoes was an everyday target. So mojola had took to hiding any accessories she can’t part with whenever the busty Lady came visiting.
But I know oh ah
Kind of maybe really do like you
Maybe me and you we can try to
Do this love something
Maybe there’s something there

She knew without looking at her phone that it was Temilorun calling. She had an inurement of expressing how a contact feels to her by using a song which suits that feeling for her contact ringtone, and in temilorun’s case chemistry was the best song to describe what she felt for him.

She reached for her phone, cleared her throat and clicked the receive button.
“Hey Mo”. His breezy voice filled every inch of her room.
Temilorun was the lead singer for a commercial of the bank where she worked and she was among the staff chosen to be part of the media team in that commercial and that was how they met.She fell in love with his breezy voice and the enthusiasm he used in singing and dancing during the commercial practices. Mojolawas over the moon when he walked up to her after practice on that particular day to exchange contacts with her.
“Hello tems” she replied softly, trying to match his breezy voice.
“Mo, I’m so sorry about last night, I didn’t plan for the last minute meeting at the studio with my manager, I hope I didn’t hurt you?” He asked breezily
“No Tems, it’s okay, I understand” she replied slowly.
“Thanks Mo, you’re the best”.  I’m almost at your condo, hope I’m not too early?”
“No, Not at all, I’ve been expecting you” she said quickly. Lies, if only he could see her right now.
“Okay babe, see you in a bit”
“See you”. She said, dropping the phone on her bed.
She made a quick stoop to pick up her clothes and stilettos before dashing to the bathroom. The ache in her foot was all but forgotten.
An Hour Later (18+)
He rapped his knuckle twice on her door waiting for her to unlock it.His phone buzzed as a text message came in. It was a message from his manager telling him not to forget the Dinner with K.Alish, one of the tops female singers in the country.
“Don’t tell me you have to go”. He looked up from his phone and saw her staring at him with a slight frown on her face. He tucked his phone into his jeans pocket and enclasps her in a hug. She had on a green armless turtleneck tucked into a short jean skirt, her natural hair which was shinny black and long was tied in a ponytail.  She looked appealing to him.
“You didn’t answer my question” she stated as she stepped out of his embrace and stood with arms akimbo.
He pulled her closer once more, bent down and picked her up in a carrying bridal style into the house, making her giggle and protest weakly to be let down.

“Mmmm, what’s cooking?” he asked when he inhaled the sweet smelling aroma drifting into the living room from the kitchen.
“You know what’s cooking”, she replied with a smirk.
“Noodles”. He stated rather than ask. He knew she had a knack for noodles.
He carried her into the small meticulously clean kitchen and dropped her on the kitchen table, wrapping his arms around her waist and giving her a Peck on her forehead.  Mojala wrapped her legs around his waist instinctively and tilted her head up for a kiss. He leaned forward and kissed her, taking his time to suck on her lips, she let out a small moan as he slid his tongue into her mouth exploring every inch of it.
” TheNoods burning ” she managed to say between moans. “Tems, really”

“Okay, but I’m not done with you yet” he said while lifting her ass up and helping her down from the table.
“I know you’re not” she said with a laugh.
He watched every move she made and loved the curve of her ass as she bent to pick up plates and cutleries from the lower cabinet. He watched her dished out the noodle which was heavily garnished with carrots, cucumber, beefs, green beans and pepper and some other ingredient he couldn’t identify.
“Let me help you with that”. He said, moving closer to collect the tray of plates from her.
She handed him the silver tray containing their plates of noodles.
“Let’s eat in the living room babe, there’s a movie I wanna watch”.
What’s the title of this one? He asked as soon as they were both settled on the sofa in front of the Television.
“High school Love On”
“As expected”. He said rolling his eyes dramatically. Na so so love you dey watch.
She stuck her tongue out at him and hit the play button.
He tapped her shoulder a few minutes later, she had been so ingrained in the movie that she had barely touch her plate of noodles which was now getting cold.
“Eat up your noodles before it gets too cold else I’m gonna stop the movie”. He said bringing her attention away from the T.V screen.
She made a face at him then began to eat quickly. Temilorun watched her finish the noodles and nodded satisfactorily at her like a football coach commending a player that just scored a goal.
“Here, allow me clear the plates so u won’t miss shin woo hyun much”. He said comically, referring to the star actor of high school love on.
She flashed him a thank you grin and blew him a kiss.
He made a motion of catching it and holding it to his heart as he headed to the kitchen.
“No!! No this can’t be happening. Temilorun heard her scream  which made him jump then made a dash from the kitchen to see what the matter was.
“What’s wrong Mo? Kilo shele baby?” He asked with concern in his voice as he saw the tears gathered in her eyes.
“They took her away from him”. She replied cheerlessly.
“They took who away from whom”? Temilorun asked, clearly confused on who or what she was referring to.
“They took seul bi away from woo hyun because they aren’t old enough to stay together”. She replied tearfully
Temilorun was perplexed. He looked at the TV screen and say woo hyun crying like a kid who had just lost his last kobo, he didn’t fully understand the reason for the tears but he could feel there was real emotions behind it.
“Common Mo it’s just a movie, stop being a cry baby”.  He pulled her closer and cradled her on his laps
He gave her a peck on her forehead, and then moved his lips to the tip of her nose to plant a kiss there. He inched his face lower and their lips met.Mojola felt the wetness between her legs even before their lips met. She moved her body urgently against his and things got heated.He tugged at the hem of her skirt while she pulled her top over her head and unhooked her brassiere. The sight of the cocoa brown boobs made him grab at them with his hands and buried his head between them. Mojola let out a moan as he flicked his tongue over a taut nipple which was a darker shade of brown.He pushed her back gently so she could lie on the sofa and pull her skirt away  exposing the treasure trove between her legs.”Hmmm, someone missed me that much” he said with a smirk, referring to the wetness between her legs.Mojola face flushed with embarrassment and she tried to hide it by turning her face away. The stroke of his tongue on her inner thigh made her gasp and the heat between her legs intensified.  He pulled off his own cloths and settled himself between her legs.His lips were down on hers once more and he used his tongue to explore the sweet Peppeish remnants of noodles in her mouth. His hands slid down to the curve of her breast and he stroked her nipples which were now hard with his thumb. Mojola moaned into his mouth and straddled him with her legs wrapped around his waist, waiting and aching for his hardness between her legs.

Buzz Buzz!! The unmistakable ringtone of Temilorun’s phone ruinedtheir moment of bliss.
“You’re not gonna pick that right?” mojola asked even though she already knew what his answer would be.
“I have to Mo”. He eased himself off her and pulled out his phone from his discarded jeans.
It was his manager calling.
Mo, I have to go, there’s this dinnerI have to attend, butbelieve mewhen I say I don’t want to leave you, Ihave no say in this matter, really. Temilorun was pulling on his trousers and talking at the same time.
“If you really want to stay then you will, dinner or no dinner” she grabbed a cushion pillow and drapped it over her body as if he was no longer worthy of seeing her nakedness.
“What do you mean Mo?, we both know this is my career at stake. I’m sorry that I can’t be there for you always but you should understand better.
“Did you justask me to leave Mo?”
“I believe you heard me right “. She turned her gaze away from him so he wouldn’t see thepain behind her facade.
The sound of the door closing firmly made her extricate a deep breath she didn’t know she had been holding.She willed her head to focus on the TV screen. she was surprised to see seul bi and shin woo hyun back together. All she wanted was a woo hyun who would fight for her too.
“Bloody dinner” .She said aloud to no one in particular as she hugged the pillow close to her bare chestand fell into an undeviating trance of reciting her love mantra.

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