MUSIC: Oluwadamilare Piccolo-- Kokanmi

It doesn't really matter what you say about me but what GOD says matter most. So I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY OR HEAR ABOUT ME, KO KANMI. Some people called it conspiracy song, secular music, warning music, but what really matter is let's be kind and honest to people around us because you don't know what they will become tomorrow. Someone you help today may be your greatest helper tomorrow. You may have today while someone else have tomorrow.Treat your instrumentalists, house maid, your step sons & daughter very well and especially people under you. My brother, don't say because you want to have fame or become someone in life then you destroy or say rubish about your friend or someone that God has used for you. Let's do good.

*Ko Kanmi*

Prayer for my enemies
Warning for my enemies
Adura for my enemies 
Won a se se se sugbon won ko le bami

when enemies ngbogun t'ota ngbogun ye o (All)  ko kanmi
When enemies ngbogun 
Tota sapabi itan o
I don't give a damn o 2x
Unananana unanana
I don't give a damn o 
Tori mo n'Oluwa o

Sometimes and years ago there was nothing for me
There was nothing for me to show why me
I look up to the sky look up to the hills o su mi
All around me are enemies enemies 
Just because of money ore turned to my enemy
Because of fame o pady turned to my enemy
Won sata mio won bumi bumi
But when i see God by my side i am taking over(chorus) 

E jeka mase dada o kaye foju bara wa re
Kasa ma se dada o kaye fagba romode je
Ohun tiko da ko da o olowo oni e se pele
Toripe ri mi lomode lese fe koyan mi kere
Boda semo tomorrow omode ana a dagba loni
Pady semo tomorrow ni? egbon semo tomorrow ni? 
baba semo tomorrow? On a foni se
La o so bo dola
Sugbon moroluwa leyin mi se ni mon taking over

Thank You Lord u called me son
Eveeday You will be my song
Lord i will praise You, You are my everything Lord(repeat) 


I done talk my own o 
Mi o beni kan sota
I done talk my own o
Jeje lomo Oluwa nlo, 
Sugbon sha, atire atibi tanse o
Koma tele won leyin
Adabi a daa lojo kan 
Ola inu kan a bi won.


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