[MUSIC] Tee King - Abiamo

It's time to rest from those dancehall songs. Let's take a listen to a song that can stand a test of time. Abiamo by Tee King is here.

Mudashir Tunde, popularly known as what has become his portfolio name - Tee King dishes out another tune, over 2 years to his last drop. Titled "Abiamo" or "Motherhood", a wake-up song to remind us of our responsibilities to our parents and especially the mother. Tee King talks about the sacrifices that a mother makes for her son survival.

Motherhood... That's a very deep word. It embodies a lot of things. Some of which are unmatched love, sacrifices, pain bearing, devotion and again undying "love". It starts and ends with "love". That is why a mother deserves a special place, one which is not meant for anyone else.

Download Abiamo by Tee King below.

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