Fraudster Alert:- Ilesanmi Kehinde Titilope

In this brief article, I will attempt to expose a serial conman, heartless fraudster and a menace to societal growth and development. She is a lazy and wicked human being with zero good intentions to people she works and comes in contact with. she never stops making attempts to cheat people of their hard earned money.

I came in contact with ILESANMI KEHINDE TITILOPE through a friend(name withheld), she claimed her Office address was located at FRSC / VIS OFFICE, LOCATED AT NO 2, AKINSANYA STREET, OJODU 101233, OJODU BERGER, LAGOS STATE. I needed to get my drivers license and she assured me she was the right person for the job and guaranteed that once I made the payment, i would get my license. I paid her the sum of Thirty thousand Naira in November 2021 and she gave me a paper slip that she said would cover me for a month, that slip was and still is ineffective. Its been six months since I made the payment, I have still not received my license, I have contacted her multiple times to return the money if she is incapable of doing the job, she avoided me and did not return my calls or my messages. I sent her warnings and sometimes threats, in fear, she returned the sum of Ten thousand Naira on the 11 of March 2022,

Two months since then, she has not made any attempts to clear up the balance of twenty thousand naira, as stated earlier, she avoids me like a plague and does not return my calls or reply my texts. I am putting this brief statement out to the media to inform Nigerians and Mrs ILESANMI KEHINDE TITILOPE that I will be taking legal action if my money is not completely refunded by the 25th May, 2022, I will also advise Nigerians to desist and avoid doing any business of any sort with Mrs ILESANMI KEHINDE TITILOPE in other to save themselves for being defrauded or possibly implicated in any criminal activity, she is a seasoned criminal and professional fraudster, she should be avoided and carefully dealt with.

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